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How To Filter Tap Water At Home

Drinking tap water can help you save money. However, tap water isn’t always the best choice in terms of health. This is why you should filter it before drinking. This article shows you how to filter tap water at home, in order to use it for drinking and cooking.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that you should only think about filtering tap water only if it is considered potable by your local authorities. As there are substances regular water filtration systems can’t remove, you need to make sure your tap water is free from such potentially harmful compounds. Once you know for sure that your tap water is safe for drinking, you can take its filtration one step further by installing a filter to improve its quality.

The most common solution to filter tap water at home is to install a filtration system. Depending on your budget, you may choose to filter only the water coming from the kitchen tap or the water coming from all taps in your house. If you aren’t sure what system to choose, start gathering information about the different types of filters with their pros and cons. If needed, ask a water filtration expert for advice. All companies that sell such filters can explain to you the main types of systems and their advantages and drawbacks. This should help you make an informed choice. Always remember to check the maintenance needs of these systems, in order to decide whether you can afford them or not. Some filters require the monthly replacement of a cartridge which isn’t always cheap. You have to make sure you’ll be able to purchase such replacement cartridges every month for a very long time if you want to keep using your tap water filter.

The other thing you should check before investing in a reliable filter is the type of substances you want to remove from your drinking water. If you only need to remove physical impurities such as dirt, sand or other such particles, you may be just fine with a mechanical filtration system, However, consider that dirt can always contain various germs coming from animal feces. If you want to stay on the safe side, you’ll have to think about a filter that can also remove such germs from your drinking water. Similarly, tap water may contain toxic chemicals coming from soluble residue. You’ll need chemical filters to remove this type of compound.

The best way to proceed is to inform yourself about the quality of your tap water. Once you know what kind of substances it contains, you can take your research one step further and see what kind of home filters you can use to make this water safe for drinking and food preparation. If you do your homework the right way, you’ll know what type of filter will offer you the safety and the reliability you need, without affecting your family budget. Research and patience will help you make a wise choice.

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