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Is Filtered Water Good For Your Health?

How Does Filtered Water Affect Your Health?

Water is a basic commodity that we need in our daily life to progress. All forms of life require water in order to survive to make water a very important commodity that is needed in order to sustain life. Water is important and here are the key ways in which water is beneficial to the human body:
●    Delivers nutrients to cells
●    Acts as a natural energy source
●    Maintains body temperature
●    Postpone muscle fatigue
●    Helps indigestion
●    Hydrates your skin and prevents it from drying
●    Helps in household work
In many recent years, debates have arisen about which type of water is good for your health. Many have argued that bottled water is healthier than both tap and filtered water. Others have come in saying tap water is the best alternative, others saying filtered water is better suited for human consumption.

Types Of Water

  1. Tap water- this is the water that is provided by the local government. It is tapped to your house from a water treatment plant. The water treatment plant acquires water from various sources be it rivers, dams or lakes. Water is basically filtered using basic processes such as flocculation, sand filtration, and chlorination. The water is then pumped through pipes to various homesteads.
  2. Filtered water- this type of water is what you get after you have filtered tap water. It is found in your local grocery store. The tap water is run through carbon filters to remove the chlorine and it can also be passed through a micron filter.
  3. Bottled water- this water that has been packaged in plastic bottles by big companies. There’s a lot of variations of bottled water, the main ones being mineral water and spring water. Mineral water contains additives and they are added to the water before it’s bottled. Springwater is bottled directly from the source without additives. The water may be filtered to remove impurities and bacteria.
Filtered Water:
Filtering clears out many safety hazards from the water like bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals. Some filters are able to do all the above at the same time. Most common types of filters found in homes are:
●    Activated Carbon
This is the most common type of filter found in many homes and it is relatively inexpensive. Activated carbon attracts and absorbs particles that are in the water. Water goes through the filtering screen that contains the carbon abs the contaminants get stuck. It removes heavy metals, parasites, and bacteria.
●    Aeration
This type of method is mainly used at points of entry like a tap. The aeration filtering forces water entering the house to pass through high-pressure jets. The contaminants become gasses and they evaporate. Doesn’t remove parasites and Mercury
●    Cation Exchange
This is a water softening filtering approach. It uses positive particles to attract the negatively charged particles.
●    UV Disinfection
This type of filtering kills parasites, bacteria, and viruses present in the water. It uses high UV light to kill the contaminants. It doesn’t remove hard metals or chemicals.
Tap water is safe for drinking, filtering the tap water increases the safety of the tap water ensuring that the tap water is completely free from contaminants that may have come into contact with it.

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